Our Story

From Tradition to Future Known for its traditional and incomparable confectionery products, the roots of Haci Serif dates back to 1938 when founder Mehmet Tevfik Helvaci opened his first atelier in Babadag, a highland town and district of Denizli Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. The litte atelier all started manufacturing samolina halva and candy which were superior to others in taste and consistency. His desserts soon achieved fame for their incomparable, unique taste and exquisite texture while he was working together with his son Serif Helvaci. The manufacturing secret of the premium quality confectionary products  is passed on from generation to generation among the Helvaci Family. Today, the family business in its fourth generation has grown from a small workshop back in 1938 with one person, to over 40 retail outlets with a total staff strength of 200. With its 5.000 square metre state-of-the-art factory in Denizli, Turkey, Haci Serif produces over 400 different varieties based on chocolate, Turkish delights, fruit desserts, croquants and candies while strictly being loyal to Haci Serif’s unique secret recipes. Since 80 Years Dedicated to Premium Quality and Innovative Ideas   The creation of such fine desserts comes from an extensive knowledge and dedication for uncompromised quality. By combining our passion for innovation, fine raw materials, high quality ingredients and time-honored recipes & methods‘’like using custom made copper boilers and special spoons produced from Plane Tree’’, we are able to create handcrafted gourmet desserts, that delight young and old. We use some of our ingredients from our own orchards where the best quality fruits are grown and work with farmers who specially produce for us to bring you the best confectionary products.